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It’s all about the big heave-ho on Will Write for Wine tonight. Wanna know how to get your ego stomped on and still maintain your dignity? Well, we can’t help you with that, but we can tell you how to take rejection like a writer – with a little bit of wine. Also, cheap wine, how to insult quilters (it’s easier than you’d think) and one of Lani’s finest parenting moments, caught live on the air. Plus, heaploads of luscious schadenfreude as Lani and Sam relive their rejections. And drink.

Sexual Tension

Tonight on Will Write for Wine, Lani and Sam discuss sexual tension! And drink leftover champagne! All of which sounds a lot dirtier than it really is. Plus, Sam gets a Wii! (Also, not as dirty as it sounds.) And we discuss rictus! (Also… not as dirty as it sounds.) Overall, this show sounds dirty, but is actually highly intellectual. Okay, kinda intellectual. As intellectual as we get, anyway

Reindeer and Snowmen and Grinches, Oh My!

It’s the last Will Write for Wine of 2007! If we’d realized that, we would have worked harder on the script. As it is, we discuss life and writing lessons from classic holiday specials! Frosty, Rudolph, Gus from The Ref. Plus, snowblowers, food banks and writer neuroses! Happy Holidays to all, and we’ll see you again in the new year!

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Antagonists

It’s all about the conflict on Will Write for Wine this week as Lani and Sam debate the care and feeding of antagonists – in the same room! (Meaning, Sam and Lani are in the same room; the antagonists are where ever you decide they need to go). Also, we drink the same wine and break into a second bottle. Woo hoo! Plus, special holiday recommendations, tarot readings for characters, and slams on communists (just kidding; we love communists)!

On Structure. We think.

Tonight on Will Write for Wine, Lani and Sam discuss structure, even though they’re not really sure what they’re talking about. Plus, they discuss selling out, UPS guys, and Sam’s ass bone. (She’s fine. Don’t worry.) Also, Lani sings (you knew it was going to happen eventually) and Sam suffers in polite silence (the wine helped.) Can we possibly fit in one more parenthetical aside in this description? (You bet!)

Why Oh Why Do We Do It?

Tonight on Will Write for Wine, Lani and Sam talk about writing – why they hate it, why they love it, why they can’t quit. Also, cheap wine, crock pots and why writers are like drug addicts. (No, really.) Plus, Christmas trees, random Google searches, and faulty garage doors. And ten reasons why you should ignore our whining and keep writing anyway.

They Fight Crime! (Or, On Agents)

Tonight on Will Write for Wine, Lani and Sam fight crime! Also, they talk about agents. Plus, German wines, secret secrets, and berries that relax under awnings! Also, Wiffers gone Wild, wine cozies and Awesome drinking games. All in all, a classy night, if you don’t have too strict a definition of classy.


Tonight on Will Write for Wine, Lani and Sam jump without a parachute. Or a script. And they go looooonnnnnnng. Sorry. But, since there was no topic, they didn’t go off-topic. So yay! Discussed: German wines, spam (both the meat and the mail), socks, speeding tickets, and Alaska State Troopers. Plus, Wiffers Gone Wild (no, there won’t be a video), Nanowrimo, and pop quizzes. Also, things your cat can scratch. Overall, the most well-rounded show we’ve ever done.

50 Ways to Hose Your Career

Tonight on Will Write for Wine, Lani and Sam explore the many ways in which unprofessionalism can ruin your career, not the least of which is getting drunk on a podcast every week. All we have to say is, consider the source, folks. Lani’s punchy from not getting any sleep and Sam’s cranky because her French wine doesn’t have a website, so you know this is going to be a good show. Plus, bad French accents, Dance Dance Revolution, and fat bastards.

Oh, Shut Up

Tonight on Will Write for Wine, Lani and Sam get a little winey. (Sorry. They thought that was funny when they wrote it, but then, they’d been drinking.) They discuss the way writers think… and it ain’t pretty. From self-deprecation to professional jealousy to learning when to say “Thank you,” and shut the hell up, they cover it. Also, slutty meerkats, crows vs. magpies, and Lani finds a decent boxed wine! All in all, a successful evening.

Movie Night – Romancing the Stone

Tonight on Will Write for Wine, Lani and Sam discuss the romance in Romancing the Stone. And how movies suck nowadays and the only good ones are the old ones. In other words, we’re cranky and old and we don’t care who knows it! Also, look Ma, no expiration date! Wiffers Unite! And we discover we are unable to pronounce the title of our show by the E-block. Don’t judge; you say it out loud a few times and see how you do.


Tonight on Will Write for Wine… Lani and Sam almost come to blows. About damn time. Also, we discuss Nanowrimo, whatever the hell that is. Plus, butt wine, stuffed pugs (dirty! not!), things you very definitely should NOT eat, and – finally – a legend for our wine rating system! All in all, a night to be remembered! Or forgotten, it’s really up to you!

The Top-Ten-for-a-Nano-second Mini-Cast

A quick mini-cast to celebrate our making it into the Top Ten at Podcast Alley (even though we had to cheat, and it only lasted for a few hours) and also to share with you a quick writing-related Top Ten List just to make it feel like we’re contributing something to your day. Thanks, Wiffers!

Surviving Feedback and Critiques

Look Ma! No script! This week on Will Write for Wine, we discuss feedback. And critiques. And we do it without a script, so we go a tad long. Well, maybe two tads. But we’re worth it! Trust us! Also, the Word of the Blog winner, inspirational quotes, and Wiis! And Miis! And yes, that’s spelled right. No, really.

Making a Scene

Tonight on Will Write for Wine… we prove we are really writers by not screwing up Writer Improv! We build a scene using conflict, and antagonists, and beats! Plus, big bang theories, pirate guidelines, and how to properly say “blanc.” We talk turning points, tannins, and blowing things up. All in all, a successful evening!

Hey, It’s our Anniversary!

Tonight on Will Write for Wine we review the last six months. We talk about our beginnings, Nazis, what we accomplished, serial killers, whether we want to continue, and chardonnaries. Which is a made-up word. Also, confidence, “I love you, man,” and verbal sobriety tests. This is a good one. Trust us.

On Comedy

This week on Will Write for Wine… we’re funny! No, really! We talk about what makes funny funny, what makes funny not, and cryptograms! Also, water slides, Alaskan moose and Galaxy Quest! Plus, monkeys, donkeys and ducks. Warning: Maybe don’t drive while listening to this one.

50 Ways to Feed Your Muse

This week on Will Write for Wine… it’s all about the Muse and how to get her to give you the goods. We discuss cowpaths, celebrity crushes, and, of course, chocolate. Also, good wines, happy campers and tannins! And – a new contest! Really, what more could you ask out of a single podcast?

Writer Improv – Creating a Hero

This week on Will Write For Wine… it’s Writing Improv: Creating a Hero! And this podcast is one you don’t want to miss because it’s just that bad. We screw up every block, not just the D. We insult ferret people, Trekkies, Buffy fans and the military. We try to build a romantic suspense and fight about it. But damnit, we had fun. And hopefully, so will you! If not, don’t complain. We’re cranky and we’ve been drinking.

Jumping The Shark

We’re back! This week, Sam and Lani discuss jumping the shark – how to do it, how not to do it, and… well… what it is. For those of you who are worried, it doesn’t involve any actual sharks. We may drink a lot of wine, but we’re not crazy. We manage to not answer the question of the week while encouraging cats with bad grammar. Also, we go long. Really long. But that’s because we’re making up for all those weeks we missed, and not because we can’t shut up. Right? Riiiiiiiggggggghhhhhht.

Procrastination (A Very Special WWfW)

It’s a Very Special Episode of Will Write for Wine as Lani and Sam do their first ever podcast from the same location! Yay! It’s fun, frolic and procrastination with wine!

Prologues and Epilogues. Who needs ’em?

It’s Will Write for Wine… the bra-burning episode! Sam and Lani disagree about prologues and epilogues, screw up both the D and E block, and burn their bras over the marginalization of women writers. We get political! And a little drunk! All in all, not a bad episode. Oh – and we insult Michiko Kakutani, and are grateful that she has no idea who we are.

On Creativity

This week on Will Write for Wine… Lani and Sam discuss the creative process, and how to make your hero and heroine spark. Plus, Lani apologizes for being the Typhoid Mary of Bubble Shooter addictions and Sam is mortified by Lani’s continuing to mispronounce Ambroise’s name. And, just so’s you know, Ambroise is a guy. And French. And hopefully still listening to the show. We love you, Ambroise. Don’t tell our husbands.

World-Building. Damnit.

This week on Will Write For Wine… Lani and Sam are cranky. Skype is misbehaving. The French use too many vowels. And we talk about world-building using Firefly/Serenity and Chocolat. So, Joss Whedon and Johnny Depp. What more could you want?

The Long Finish

This week on Will Write For Wine,… Lani and Sam try to drink non-alcoholic wine… and fail utterly! Also, stony, earthy, leathery wine… and that description is straight from the winery! We create The Best Story Ever, and we’ll probably still think so even when we sober up. Plus we take you to Vegas, write butt e-mails, and almost get arrested! Okay… maybe just those first two.

50 Ways to Torture Your Characters

This week on Will Write For Wine… It’s Lani’s birthday! And Sam and Lani play drinking games! And they’re way too old for that ****! Plus, kinky and nefarious uses for duct tape, wine in the doghouse, and two words: Bad cheese!

A Dialogue On Dialogue

This week on Will Write For Wine… Lani gets her dialogue on, and Sam provides color commentary. Also, UPS guys and ptyalism – learn the connection. Then forget it, if possible. Plus – dig us! We came in under forty-five minutes!

Movie Night – The Princess Bride

This week on Will Write For Wine… Sam and Lani analyze The Princess Bride, lust over Cary Elwes, and bash Buttercup. Also, rules and how to break them; adverb nazis; and celebrating over 500 pages edited between the two of them! Yes! They’ve earned their wine this week!

Twenty Questions

This week on Will Write For Wine… Sam and Lani interview each other. Lani gets drunk, unapologetically. Also, Dorothy Parker, NASA, and those damn sybarites. You’re gonna laugh until you turn rufescent. (Look it up! It’s a real word!)

On Character

This week on Will Write for Wine, we explore characters – what makes a good one, what makes a bad one, and how to torture both. Also bad cats, contest winners and inspirational quotes. Yeah. We’re deep.

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