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Gypsies, Tramps and Cheese

This week on Will Write for Wine, Sam and Lani try their hand at improvising a story from scratch. On the air. While drinking. Also, nude podcasts, moonshine wine, and a little advice: Don’t let anyone hit you in your schadenfreude.

Movie Night – Finding Nemo

This week on Will Write for Wine, we analyze Finding Nemo for your storytelling pleasure. Also, names you hear in a grocery store; weird telepathic occurrences between Lani and Sam; ugly sticks; and what pelicans and Alex Trebek have in common. And Lani screws the up the d-block. Again.

Writer Crazy

This week on Will Write for Wine, we take on that special brand of mental illness, Writer Crazy! Lani and Sam confess their most insane stories, Sam actually insults a group of people this week (yay! finally!) and Lani manages to screw up pretty much every part of the script that wasn’t nailed down. We’ll take Poorly Planned Podcasts for $500, Alex!

Our Fascinating Process

This week on Will Write for Wine, we are fascinated with wine, writing and ourselves. Lani drinks from a bottle with a screw-top cap, and Sam throws caution to the wind! Sort of! Also, find out how you, yes you, can make Lani drink swill from a box. And who did Lani insult this week? Listen in and find out!

Flaming Skulls and Acronyms

It’s insiders week here on Will Write for Wine as we give you all the inside scoop on commonly used (and commonly confusing) acronyms like POV, GMC and PBR me ASAP. Plus, we’ve got flaming skulls. Yes, you heard us right. Flaming. Skulls. It doesn’t get any better than this, folks. At least not without prescription meds.

Writer Myths

We’re bursting bubbles at Will Write for Wine! Basically, if you’re looking to writing to bring you fame and fortune, we say, maybe you wanna look elsewhere. But it’s not a negative episode! Really! We have fun with screw-top caps, near-death experiences while buying wine and… you know… Nazis.


Our first episode! Full of fun information about Sam and Lani, horrible abuse of the english language (and poor Walter Cronkite), and enough wine to make you worry about the states of our livers. (They’re fine. Far as we know.)

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